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Full-service brand partner In the EU

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Local eCommerce consulting

Etaility helps online-focused brands with market entry into the European market. We help your brand make a successful market entry and build your a real market share

Operational Consulting


Risk free market entry

Etaility helps digital brands to import and dropship their products to all European countries through distributed logistic network.

Strategy and Execution


Etaility is your exclusive European partner for building and scale your brand through all the digital sales channels

Operational Consulting


Etaility «content lab» makes sure to replicate and adapt the efficiency of your content and marketing strategy within the EU region through all the digital content channels

Mi Store

Xiaomi is the largest Chinese manufacture, seller and developer of smartphone and globally the forth largest mobile producer. Etaility toke care of the launch and operation of the official Xiaomi store online in Denmark.

Get your next phone from Mi store today.

Care of Carl

In Borås you can find one of Sweden’s best online fashion retailers, Care of Carl which provides high-end clothing to men. The company must be one of the most successful ones that have grown organically as they were awarded “Årets Digitala Gasell 2016” in Sweden. Etaility did the market entry for Care of Carl into Denmark, Finland and Germany.

Get your new fashionable suit or business attires at Care Of Carl and get styled well.

We are Knitters

We are knitters is a true DNVB (digital native vertical brand) and probably the leading one in the world in its niche, knitting. They run things like eCommerce should be done, based on numbers and influencers. Etaility did the launch of we are knitters in the Nordics.

Get you knitting set here


Founded in 1928, Eton offers shirts to more than 1500 stores worldwide. The largest project till this date, for Etaility, was to build Eton a new online shop. The shop was built in just 4 months with a dedicated team working partly from Eton’s office and under a project manager from Eton. The result was an astonishing beautifully built webshop.

Get your next shirt at Eton.


Cykelkraft is one of the fastest growing eCommerce companies in Sweden. The company sell bicycles and bicycles parts online. Etaility had two assignments with Cykelkraft. 1) An interim task to rebuild the site and optimize the speed and 2) to launch the site in Denmark and Finland.

Buy your next bike here:


Nordbutiker provides electric vehicles for both children and adults and are one of the fastest growing eCommerce businesses in Scandinavia within electric vehicles and was awarded the “Gasell price” in 2016, 2017 and 2018. This might be one the most profitable players on the Swedish market with the highest profit margins. Etaility has helped them reach the same goals with their expansion into Denmark, Norway, and Finland.

Get your children an electric kids car at one of the shops from Nordbutiker.


Sporttema has been the obvious choice since 2003 when you are looking for exercise tools for home, business or gym. With a broad knowledge and personal customer service. The shop was built over a period of 4 months, with a dedicated team working partly from the Sporttema’s office and under a project manager from Sporttema. The result is a beautiful and efficient onlineshop. Feel out of shape?

Visit and get fit again!


Probably the largest retailer of costumes in EU and a truly European company, where internationalization is the key to growth. Etaility did the launch of Funidelia in both Denmark and Sweden. This was our most explosive case ever and sales went through the roof within 30 days after launch.

Get ready for your next party here:


Today Vitacea operates throughout the Scandinavian market where they provide food supplements. As a startup business, Etaility did everything from design, hosting, and development.

Get your nutritious vitamins at Vitacea.

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